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Deluxe Facials


Since everyone’s skin is unique and has specific needs, every facial treatment I perform is customized to the individual. Rather than select from a menu of facials, treatments are categorized by the time increments they come in and what to expect during the process. All treatments and products are performed on the neck and decollaté at no additional charge.

All facials include complete extractions, microdermabrasion, hand treatment, a custom enzyme peel, face, arm, neck, and foot massage, customized organic mask and peel, and a complimentary  custom selected serum or mask for your skin.


60 Minute Deluxe Facial 140$

80 Minute Super Deluxe Facial 160$

100 Minute Ultra Deluxe Facial 180$





Premium Luxe Facials


The ultimate in luxurious facials combines with results oriented treatments to give you dramatic results while being blissfully relaxed.

This facial treats the neck, hands, face, and décolletage with fresh custom blended masks incorporating Ayurvedic herbs, pure extracts and fresh botanicals carefully selected for your skin's needs, full face, neck, arm and foot massage, as well as microneedling with pure hyaluronic acid, the most hydrating molecule known to science.

Premium Luxe Facials are 80 minutes, and include The Caviar Facial, which is for severely dehydrated skin with an anti-aging focus, and The Detox Facial, which focuses on acne scarring and severe sun damage.


80 Minutes The Stem Cell Facial 250$

80 Minutes The Detox Facial 200$

80 Minutes The Caviar Facial 200$

advanced peels


Dr. Jessner Peel

This clinical strength peel is famous for eliminating years of damage, and since the formula cannot be patented it has many named including the V Peel and Resorcinol Peel. Dr. Jessner peel pricing includes a complimentary 30 minute facial follow-up to be scheduled 3-4 weeks after the peel.

TCA Peel

Considered the ultimate medical grade peel, TCA peels are the most popular peel procedure among dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the world. As with any transformative peel, you should be prepared for 5-10 days of visible shedding. This peel can correct scarring, wrinkles, sun damage, and beyond. All TCA peels include a complimentary 30 minute facial 3-4 weeks after our initial treatment.


Dr. Jessner Peel 175$-300$

TCA Peel 200$-350$

Skin Tag Removal 100$-250$